6 november 2021



i'm still here. It's been awefully quiet on my blog. Somehow, social media pushed me and many other to Instagram, Facebook or my new webshop.

I sort of forgot about the blog. That's not so kind, because usually I would post every Friday.

A lot has happened, since the anniversery and opening the new webshop.
Running an actual webshop is a lot of new learning and getting new skills. I only found out after more than 20 months, how shipping rates work. That was because, at first, I would only sell digital items. So shipping-knowledge wasn't useful.

In October I decided to sell some shawls, like Blyde.

Fine Blyde Shawl

It was a tough decision to make, but with no fairs or happenings or get togethers for me to make a sale, I might as well use my new acquired web skills to see if I could sell some Ready to Wear items.
You might be aware of the fact that I usually sell what's been knitted on commission.
Mentally, I was prepared with the fact that the shawl would leave, once it was done. But with Ready to wear, I had not planned on parting with those. 


Blyde Shawl

And, having made that decision, it was also time to let go of some yarns.   They were stored very well and are like new. It was just not likely that I would use them anytime soon.
I made kits, pattern and yarn.

I'm still working on new designs. Some bigger than others.
Recently I released the A Fine Lace Snack design. A garland of 11 different small and fine knitted flags. 

A Fine Lace Snack

Close up A Fine Lace Snack

You could knit them in gradient colours, in 1 colour, a rainbow of colours!
You can find the pattern in NL or ENG in my webshop.
This is the link to the ENG webpage: A Fine Lace Snack.

It is a nice way to learn Shetland Lace. It takes just a few gram of yarn and it is a 1 page pattern for each flag. You can pick a favorite or challenge yourself by making several of the same. Many options in colour, yarn and skill. I do recommend a smooth yarn, so the pattern you've been working so hard on, is clearly visible.

So, sorry I was away for so long. Hope to see you here again soon.

Wanna try your hand on a kit?
Hand Made is the Collection where you can find the kits and the Ready to wear Shawls.

On the bottom of each page is an option to join the Newsletter!

Have a Fine Knit!

5 februari 2021

One year anniversary and a 12 year anniversary

 It's been 1 year since i opened up my new webshop.

It's been 12 years and a day since I started Kantwerk / A Passion for Lace.

Before I did this, back in 2004, I was in garden design. I had a blog about it too, with a matching website. But I wasn't very good at it.
Made long hours behind the desktop computer and failed regularly.
The provider did have templates, but I wasn't even smart enough to know how to use those.

Back then I was also sewing clothes and knitting a bit. In 2006 I started this blog, by that time a lot more was done for dummies like me.
Templates and inserts were highlighted in the symbols, and all I had to do was click, search and paste.

In those years, blogs were hot, are they still? I've neglected mine for a while now. I'm sorry.
Anyway, I did a lot of browsing and reading other blogs, fully unaware of my networking. I had the wednesdays and all fridays to visit blogs, leave a comment. I got to know a lot of people and their crafts.

I called this the Butterfly shawl, but this was the exact moment I got hooked on knitting hearts. I've made plenty. 

I was, and still am, part of the local stitch'n'bitch group. We split off and don't go to a café anymore, but, before corona, we met every 2 months. I learned so much, got attention for my lace and other things I made and that resulted in the end that I was asked to give classes.
In Lace and Shetland Lace. I want to thank Janet Vermist for giving me that opportunity: Thank you!
By that time it was 2011.

I had built a new website, and people could order with an email. I again, wasn't smart enough to know how to make a webshop. I wasn't selling any yarns or accessoiries, and sales ran mainly through Ravelry. I was able to keep track of the occassional order, everything I had was on display. 

By that time, a lot of fairs were taking place around the country. I was asked to give classes all over the land. I felt great about it! People were interested in my work, wanted to learn, see for themselves and even wanted to keep on doing it! I was asked to knit examples with the latest yarns, had some designs of my own. Got commissions to knit for other people/knitters.



I was so fortunate that people were willing to pay for my knitting. Gifted a cowl and was commissioned another, because the daughter kept stealing it. That was the moment I thought: why not start a business??
I was quite busy knitting a shawl for every female in my family and I had dared to knit a finer shawl in Shetland Lace pattern from Victorian Lace Today. 

 Shetland Tea shawl from Victorian Lace Today, here with a split so it could be worn as a cape (2009)

I got some more (private) commissions and I scored my first commission for a real yarn webshop!
I made a red shawl, made the deadline and it got to be on display in her store! Thank you Angelique!
Soon, other webshops liked that idea and commissioned me to design something new for them. Often with their latest yarns!
By the end of 2009 I was knitting a dress on commission. I couldn´t believe it all went so well. 

My webshop only had patterns, but some were eager to buy projects I had already made. So, the sale of the Orange Tea shawl, led to me designing my very first Shetland Shawl. The lady had gifted me the Heirloom Knitting book and stated that she wanted me to use it to make her a beautiful fine shawl.
She had no idea what she did, doing that. I was smitten! Fine yarn, Fine needles, Fine shawls.
I could have benefited from some lessons in photography, back then we had a camera and had to upload it all. Time consuming. I did have, as you can see, a model to show the work. I was not very eager to show myself. 

Via Angelique and her Wolhemel shop (discontinued) I took a class in Estonian lace from Carla Meijsen. I had already made a shawl but still learned a lot on construction. I still only know 1 type of Nupp, although there are plenty of variations. 

Because of the commissions, I was able to buy good yarns and books to help me get to know more techniques. But the Shetland and the Estonian lace techniques stuck. So many things to learn, play and knit. 

 I was SO taken by the Shetland techniques, all knit rows but pattern in every row too, that I decided to (encouraged by some groups on Ravelry and dutch bloggers that had already VISITED Shetland, looking at you Herma en Jan), i wanted to design a square. I plotted away behind my computer and to this day, i still do it the same way.
Using Microsoft Word, making charts, counting, swatching and knitting. 

My friend Ammerins (left) travelled with me (center) to Shetland Wool week 2012 and we are showing The One in Voe. This picture was made by Misa Hay and it ended up in all kinds of places. On display in the hub in the Museum. In a book on Textiles History from Shetland, chapter Woolweek and on the website 10 things to do when you are in the Highlands and Islands of Scotland! So proud.

I  called it The One. It was highly unlikely that I would do thát ever again. It was February 2011.
Our son got very ill, that month. Hodgkin. At 15. So the focus was not on knitting. But...
I did end up giving for classes for Lace knitting and Knitted Lace, that April!
Only because Chemo was working and there was progress.
I was TOTALLY suprised that the 4 classes were FULLY booked. That meant 60 students in 2 days. A baptism of fire.

Later in that summer, when Chemo was over, the kid was reasonably okay and things turned back to some shape of normal, I was made aware there was to be a Shetland Wool Week. Considering my / our situation, I didn't go.
But, the seed was planted and I started to save my commission money. I asked Herma for inside information on what it is like on Shetland, how to get there and what I could be expecting.
1. I have never been in an airplane before that.
2. I had never travelled like that by myself.
3. Even though I had learned english when I was 4, no guarantees.
4. I had booked my plane ticket before I had a place to stay or how to get there.

In the meantime I was asked to be a part of the Lace Collection by Jamieson and Smith, using their fine cobweb yarn. I was blissfully unaware there would be other designers in this, so i designed the finest shawl i could come up with.
Turned out, I was in VERY good company. A beautiful wide ranged collection and the kits for those are still available on their website.

So... in September 2012, off we went. Ammerins decided she wanted to travel to Shetland too. She's a translator by profession and avid knitter and spinner too. We had a blast. Met all kinds of people, took classes and drove all over the islands.
I was not only part of the Lace Collection but I was asked to part of a trunk show too! In the Jamieson and Smith shop in Lewick. I could hardly sleep the night before. I had brought 5 shawls I still had. They are to the right.
Gudrun Johnston and Mrs. Mary Kay brought their work too. It was bliss. (photo from J&S blog)

The next (?) evening we had a Ravelry meet up, and even though I had a class by Kate Davies earlier, we met again that evening. I showed her my Across the Beach shawlette. Usually, Shetland Cockleshells are in a rectangle and I had (re)designed them in a small silk triangular shape.(photo credit Ammerins Moss).

I bet you can believe that it was a trip of a life time. The LOVE for fine Shetland Lace and Shetland itself grew.
By that time I had been knitting day and night, working as a postie too, being a wife and mother. Social media as it is now, was not in my agenda so much. I had already joined FB but wasn't very active. So, plenty of time to keep on giving classes and knit my heart out. 

I had been getting customers from abroad too! Danmark, Belgium, France, America and local. I was very fortunate to have a regular client, so a steady income, and my name got familiar too.

Well... This! Yarns were found everywhere; America, England, Germany and Belgium were the best. Some handdyed yarn from The Gossamer Web (etsy), Silk (above) and wool from England, Germany has amazing handdyed yarns too (Dye For Wool, Etsy) and nothing beats the finest yarns from Bart and Francis in Belgium.
So, in 2014 another trip to Shetland was planned and in 2016 I went again. Not by myself, knitter friends were curious about Shetland too. Carla Meijsen even went (and will be) several times there, also as Artist in Residence! 

Then, things slowed down. I got the odd commission, I kept on designing but other techniques were becoming more and more interesting. So classes stopped, I gave some private classes but in the end with covid, it all ended.
Less income meant not being able to travel.
In the meantime, social media went crazy. Mobile phones were getting more sophisticated and I joined Instagram. I like(d) Instagram. Nowadays there is too much advertisement and somethings may have been improved. I could use a lesson in that too! hahaha

In 2015 I got involved in a chat, that was about how to decifer a lace shawl seen in the Outlander series. I hadn't seen the show at all, wasn't aware what it was about, hadn't read the books (still haven't). My friend Belinda helped me out with screen shots, the show didn't air here. Laura supplied the photos and video and if I was able to help. I hadn't planned on another big project but let's try. I like a good puzzle.
In the end it took me a year, a chat with the costume designer of the show and many many hours of charting to complete the shawl. You can read about it HERE

Below the original authentic Shetland Lace shawl, above my version.

Weird stuff started to happen after it was done. I was in an American magazine for sheep farmers, thank you Cynthia, so they would be aware what was possible with the wool. The shawl was added to the FB group for Outlander patterns and designs. I gave a class on Fine Shetland Lace IN the Jamieson and Smith yarn shop in Lerwick in 2016. It was sold out in no time, and I was planning to go to WoolWeek 2016 'anyway'.. hahaha.
I started a support group on Facebook, expecting a few members. My shawl took nearly 4km of fine Shetland Wool. WHO was going to knit that? Well, apparently, plenty of people. There have been 50 knitters working on it!
Link to the group HERE (opens in a new window)    667 members

Then, I started another group, stumped by the fact that there WASN'T one already.
The Fine Shetland Lace group.
It fills my heart. I'm not alone. ALL AROUND THE WORLD there are people interested in this type of knitting. Not just me and knitters from Shetland. Or some of the knitters that had taken one of my classes!
Some people are brandnew to lace or even Shetland Lace. Few are experienced and VERY VERY skilled. It has grown into a very kind, supportive and enthousiastic group. There are 6000+ of us, but there is a very good atmosphere.
ONLY shetland lace is allowed. NO politics or other knitting techniques. You are welcome to join.
I made some very good friends there! <3

My superfine Blyde. Worked in gossamer cashmere, this is 31 grams and 70" long or 178cm. (2018)

Here the original Blyde, 51gr and same length (2016)

 What a set of knitting needles and a bit of yarn can do!!!! 

Those set of 2 fine (straight!) needles have brought me SO much. I've met amazing people, incredible friends, headspinning knitting, I've relearned how to spin thanks to Ammerins, my business has been promoted by people that believe(d) in me and I'm forever grateful.
I'm NOT planning to stop anytime soon. Twentytwenty was a difficult year for all of us, around the world.
The thread of covid was tangeable and left us very creative or numb. I've heard many lament their lack of concentration and I was one of them (too).

If all goes well, I'm able to release 5 designs this year.

  • The Third One is a rectangle shawl with Shetland Lace patterns, tested as we speak by 6 knitters. 
  • The Fourth One is on my needles, not ready for testknitting yet.  
  • Cornelia will be a coloured (lace) hap in memory of my grandmother. She died from covid at 100yo.  
  • The Crawford Veil is at 65% now, languishing on and off since 2013, makes slow progress. That will be much later in the year. 
  • A triangular shape in 100% superfine linen, dyed indigo by Habu Textiles (USA).

    That's a lot of miles to be worked, so planning and sticking to it is very important. 

Today is the first anniversary of my new webshop. You can click, pay and enjoy immediately!
I had to take a risk, back then. I had planned to go to Shetland and wanted to be ready for possible traffic and knitters wanting to knit my designs. Ravelry redesigning their website was a reason too. Still clueless why they won't listen to people have severe issues with that new make over.
I DID go to Shetland, Woolweek was canceled due to covid. I had a great time, like a retreat. Spoke to no-one, walked for miles and finally was smart enough to bring my knitting to Shetland and photographing it at the most amazing locations. Here, my Shetland Stars Square Shawl (outlander) in Nesting, Shetland.

I hope to welcome you in my new webshop, shetland stars support group, fine shetland lace group, instagram, facebook or here. And when covid is done, hopefully in real life!

You made it to the end, thank you.

Event: in my webshop a week long discount of 20% on all patterns. ONLY in THIS webshop, NOT on Ravelry or in my Etsy shop. NO code needed.  ENJOY!


29 april 2020

New webshop


Thank you for (still) visiting this blog.

A good while back, my webhost updated its servers. That has had a terrible side effect: my site Kantwerk.nl crashed. Sort off.
I'm not smart enough to repair it, or get to it at all.

So, I opened up a new webshop:


There are some new patterns on there. A set of 3 with Estonian Lace design.

The designs can be bought separately and as a set of 3.

The photo above is Merula, the latin word for Merel or Black Bird. Because I see the flapping of the wings, movement and motion.

Then there is Flower Princess, a nice balance of nupps and lace with a short and very sweet edge.

Last but not least:
Sweet Pea. This is not an easy one, there is much switching between knit and purl stitches in all rows, and then the nupps. You need to pay attention for this one, use stitch markers and be rewarded with a very beautiful shawl.

Then, you could treat yourself to all 3!
A Sweet Deal is also available with a little discount.

I know, a LOT of nupps. But also a lot of gorgeous knitting to wear!

I hope you will add the link to my new shop in your bookmarks and visit once in a while. Not all my designs are in the shop, yet.

Some won't be added as I don't have the rights to them (anymore). If you find a design missing, don't hesitate to ask!

The blog will be used more often in the coming time.

I can no longer supply knittingbelts. I hope to be able to have them in my shop soon. At the old site it states I have four, that ISN'T the case!

Alle patronen zijn natuurlijk altijd verkrijgbaar in het Nederlands. Ook in mijn nieuw shop!

Regarding Corona:
I hope you are safe, healthy and at home as often as you can. As a mail delivery person, I work 4 - 5 times a week. I wear gloves to protect myself and my clients.
Because i don't sell yarn or physical objects, sending patterns digitaly can continue. I hope you can find some solace in knitting them.
And add (happy) memories when you do...

Love and Have a Fine Knit...


26 juli 2019

My YouTube channel.

Hallo Breier en Breister! 

het is hier al erg lang akelig rustig.
De dagen vliegen voorbij, jongste kind haalde haar diploma, zoon 1 zit bij de marine en zoon 2 is inmiddels vader van ons eerste kleinkind.

Natuurlijk brei ik gewoon door!
Helaas is er niet veel belangstelling (meer) voor Kantwerk lessen of workshops. Dat kan komen omdat de blog is verwaarloosd, maar ik vermoed dat er vele nieuwe breitechnieken worden aangeboden die ook erg interessant zijn. Zoals Brioche in 2 kleuren.

 Hello Knitter!

It's been a long time since my last post. Days flew by, our youngest child graduated from her school, our eldest is in the Navy now and our youngest son became a father. We're proud grandparents!

Of course, knitting continues. Workshops aren't booked anymore. It could be because this blog was neglected (by me) or, more likely, other knitting techniques are quite interesting too! Like two colour Brioche. 

Ondertussen heb ik mijn dunste shawl ooit gebreid! Een tweede kans voor Blyde (Link) met Fine Gossamer Cashmere van Heirloom Knitting. (LINK)

En... ik maak video's over Kantbreien! Ik heb mijn camera angst overwonnen (dat is tenminste 1 die ik kan afstrepen) en vertel honderd uit over hoe je Kant Breit.
Het is net niet hetzelfde als een workshop, daar krijg je ook kleine praktische tips, maar toch best handig. Het is wel in het Engels. En dat komt, omdat de Facebook groep zo enthousiast is en dat werkt aanstekelijk. (Link naar groep

In the meantime, I have knitted my thinnest shawl to date!  A second version of the Blyde with very fine yarn! (Link to Heirloom Knitting) 

And.. I make video's about Fine lace! I have stepped over my fear of being filmed /camera (one fear less, many to go). I am very chatty to talk about Lace (unscripted). It's not the same as a workshop, there are a bit less practical tips here) but still very educational. It is in English, because the Facebook Group on Fine Shetland Lace... is growing rapidly! That makes me very happy! 

 Er is een Knit-a-Long gaande (Instagram #esha , Facebook groep) voor de Esha shawl en de nieuwste video, op mijn YouTube kanaal, gaat er wat dieper op in!

En met kortingskode: Goforit krijg je 15% korting op je aankoop van het patroon.

There is a Knit-a-Long going on, for the Eshawl  Esha shawl (Instagram #esha and the Facebook group)
The latest video on my YouTube Channel is all about that and more. (LINK)

And with a discountcode Goforit there is a 15% discount when you purchase the pattern

Hope it helps and wishing you all..


14 januari 2019

Fine Shetland Lace Magazine Issue 2

It's been released a while back, I was a bit burned out at the end of the year.
The second issue with a free pattern and great articles about Lace and Shetland Wool. Enjoy! 

You can Download the second version HERE or HERE.

That is also the launch of my website in English.

www.kantwerk.nl  for Dutch and www.apassionforlace.com 

1 september 2018

Presenting: Fine Shetland Lace... Magazine!

 Fall 2018 issue 1

September 1st is the release date of the Fine Shetland Lace Magazine.
You can find it online here (you don't need to have Dropbox, just click on the link to continue)


The Knitter                        Page 3

Shetland Wool Week      Page 6
Information and Links
The Swatch                       Page 7

Screaming Silence...        Page 9
A little story on Unst

The Yarn                             Page 11
Jamieson & Smith
The Designer                      Page 14
This year’s Shetland Wool Week patron:
Elizabeth Johnston
The Pattern                        Page 18
The Second One
The Lace...                           Page 19
A bit of information
A word                                 Page 20

This is my gift to the Facebook group: Fine Shetland Lace and Shetland Stars Shawl.
Also for anyone interested in Fine Shetland Lace.
In this issue, there is a lot of 'me'. But, the next issue will be more diverse!

Idea and Publisher,  Editor, Art Direction, Layout, Photography unless otherwise mentioned: Monique Boonstra.
Cover image: The Second One
©2018 by MoniqueB.  Image on this page: Shetland Bound ©2012 by MoniqueB.
This is a free of ads publication.
You’re NOT  allowed to copy this magazine for distribution, handouts, free gifting or ANY commercial purposes.
Every part of this magazine is subject to copyright by those mentioned in this magazine and cannot be used without permission.
For possible contributions,  questions and remarks, please mail to 

6 maart 2018


 Al in 2015 ben ik begonnen met het verzamelen van tattoo's. Ik heb gekozen voor een set in japanse stijl: Aarde, Water, Lucht en Vuur. Ik begon op mijn verjaardag met Water. Gelukkig zit er een hele goede artiest bij ons op het dorp. Bas is mijn vaste tattoo-zetter. Mooie fijne lijnen.
In 2016 kwam er een vogeltje bij, een goudvink, voor Lucht. Maar ik raakte een beetje in de problemen want Vuur is niet gemakkelijk om in een acceptabel formaat te vangen. En Aarde... tja.
Ik viel als een blok voor een... schildpad. Soms voel ik mezelf als een schildpad. Niet al te snel, hard van buiten, zacht van binnen, lekker in de zee maar ook kunnen leven op het strand.
Toen ik begon met het zoeken naar schildpadden, kwam ik uit bij de Legende van de Minogame, een mythische schildpad. Je kunt er over lezen, in het engels, in de link onderaan deze post. 

A very old embroidered piece, showing several Minogame.

Way back in 2015, I started collecting tattoos. I chose an japanese themed set: Earth, Fire, Water and Air. I got my first on my birthday: Water. I'm lucky to have a very good tattoo-artist right here in our village. Bas Kahle can draw the finest lines! In the summer of 2016 I got a little bird, a bull finch on a branch. But, then I ran in a bit of trouble. Fire and Earth are not very easy to put in a acceptable size.
Then, I fell hard for... a turtle. Sometimes I feel a bit like a turtle; not so fast, hard on the outside and soft on the inside. Very comfortable in the sea but also able to live on land. When I started searching I found the Legend of Minogame. A mythical turtle. A link with the legend, at the end of this post.

Omdat ik eigenlijk maar 1 tattoo per jaar mag, tegen die tijd ben ik vergeten dat het best wel pijn doet, kon ik de schildpad als inspiratie gebruiken, terwijl de afspraak nog maanden op zich zou laten wachten. Ik zou de Hexagonnen gaan gebruiken als basis voor het ontwerp. 

Because I can only have 1 tattoo a year, because by that time I will have forgotten that it does hurt quite a bit, I was able to use that idea as inspiration for a new design. The Hexagons on the shell of the turtle would form the base of the design. 

En toen kreeg ik de kans om voor dit ontwerp een heel erg mooi én zacht garen te gebruiken; KOKON Yarn. (lace)
Een weldadige draad gemaakt met (baby) Alpaca vezels. En helemaal in mijn kleur! Wow.
Eerst natuurlijk een proeflapje maken, kijken of het patroon goed uitkomt, de maat klopt en of de shawl zo wel lang genoeg wordt. 

Er zit 800m op een streng en het zou zonde zijn als je heel veel over zou houden of juist te kort zou komen. 
 Ik heb even een ander garen gebruikt voor het proeflapje, maar het effect was hetzelfde! Dus, meteen opzetten en gáán!

I got a beautiful opportunity for this design to create it in a lovely and soft yarn: KOKON Yarn (Lace)
A lucious yarn made with (baby) Alpaca fibers. And totally my colour! WOW.
First, a swatch, to see if the patterns work, if the size is good and if the shawl will be long enough.
One skein has 800m and it would not be acceptable to run short or be left with a lot. 

I used a different yarn for the swatch but the pattern worked! So, casted on and Go!


Klaar!!! Done!!! 
Precies goed. Breed genoeg, lang genoeg en erg mooi! Dit is de "Cloud" kleur, maar er zijn andere als je deze niet mooi vind. Je kunt kiezen uit 12 semi solids, 4 verlopende garens en 4 met een gevarieerd kleur verloop! Er zit vast iets voor je bij. Wil je hem in het echt zien? Dat kan, oa, op 24 maart bij Ja Wol in Rotterdam! Dan ben ik er ook!

Just right! Wide enough, long enough and very pretty! This version is made in the "Cloud" colour, but there are plenty of other colours to choose from: 12 semi solid colours, 4 gradiënt and 4 variegated ones.


Pattern: Minogame. (ENG / NL)
(You can read about the Legend of the Minogame HERE, only in English).
This design is also available as a kit. Or available for In-Store-Sales on Ravelry.
Dit patroon is ook verkrijgbaar als set (garen + patroon) of beschikbaar als In-Store-Sales via Ravelry.

Yarn: 1 skein of Kokon 100% Alpaca 800m/100gr colour LBA04. All points of sale can be found on www.kokonyarn.com
Needles: US2 or 2,75mm (or circulars 60cm)
Notions: Eucalan, 6 stitch markers, T-pins, blocking kit, towel.
Size: ~72” x 22.5” or 185 x 49cm
Patterns are worked in EVERY row, 1 Chart.

Garen: 1 streng Kokon laceweight 100% Alpaca 800m/100gr kleur LBA04 Verkoop punten voor dit garen www.kokonyarn.com
Naalden: 2,75mm (of rondbreinaalden 60cm)
Nodig: Eucalan, 6 steekmarkeerders, T-pins, blocking kit, handdoek.
Maat: ~185 x 49cm
Patroon wordt in ELKE rij gebreid, 1 Chart / Tabel.

Fijn breien!

Happy Knitting!