29 augustus 2011

Something so ordinary...

This weekend Chris wanted to go out. But, the club where he wanted to go, does not allow caps or hats.

He left his cap at home and for the first time in weeks, I say .. months he combed his hair!

Finally, it got a bit of length, a bit of hairgel and there he was.
His cheeks aren't that puffy anymore from the medication.. He's going to be a handsome young man! No kid anymore...

I had a smile on my face, the whóle day..........

5 augustus 2011

The Shetland Addiction.

I cannot help myself. I HAVE to knit Shetland. I MUST knit shetland.

And you end up with this..


Center pattern

And half way..

It's the Love Darg Shawl, by Sharon Miller (Heirloom Knitting).
The Yarn: ColourMart Cashmere/Cotton 2/33 NM
Needlesize: 2,5 mm
Weight half way: ~51 g or 840 m