22 november 2011

Riding the wave... MY way

hot topic at this moment is knitting Xmas balls for decoration, these days. 

The possibilities are plenty, in colour and in size. The gentlemen from Norway were first to put it all in a booklet and they got people out of their chairs and up to the stores.
(now surely widely available in a webstore near you). 

As it should be, most Xmas balls are knitted with 2 colours and classic Xmas patterns. 
I've seen a couple and love several. 

As you may know, I'm not thát good with knitting 2 colours, so I welcomed the mail of a very good friend. She understood my hesitation to join in this latest rage in knitting. 
This is what I made...

1 ball only, knit with lace weight green yarn from Storm in the Attic. The colour green is just perfect for this time of year. It will be a present for a friend.

Christmas Ball (pattern in dutch) but the original design is made from patterns by Editha Fisher (1984 booklet)
Source: Finlandia Newsletter (dutch yarn store)
Yarn: Kantdroom Green by Storm in the Attic
Needlesize: US 00 or 1,75 mm
Size ball: 10" or 25 cm circumference.