23 juli 2016

Outlander shawl... 1 year later.

This is all about the Outlander Lace shawl. Previous posts were written (READ) and (READ) 
1 year ago, I casted on for the Shetland Stars Shawl. I would make the Square version, and at about the same time 2 testknitters made the rectangle version. 
 I took my knitting everywhere. I wanted people to know you cán take your lace outside and just add a few (or a lot of) rows. I had casted on on July 8th and I was planning to finish by the end of the year. Little did I know...
The plan was to knit the edge, then pick up loops and knit the border. Decreases every second row and the signature Star right at the start. Then immediately after, the centre. But I still had to do calculations to work out the number of repeats to make it long enough for the border to fit.
A special moment, working on the border with the Outlander episode on the TV. 
I'm not at home, I'm at a B&B in Limburg. Quite memorable. 

Commissioned knits came along, Roe,  Sterling, Solana and I presented my first Knit-a-Long: Reach. An exhibition started about knitting in a local city nearby and in December I got a very important (in my eyes) commissioned knit. I was to knit an impression of an apron that was on display. It was very fine, mine need not be that delicate.

There was a catch, it needed to be done by April 4th and it was already January when I got the approval.
So, by the end of December, only 1664m were knitted. 

January 8th. Working a few rows before I go to work. Always room for 1 more... 
And nothing would get done any sooner than April 1st. I felt guilty. I didn't work on the Rectangle version, and now my deadline passed with only 2/5 worked.  The edge + border and most of the centre. 
Quickly casting on for the second edge + border. 

Always a great thing. Watching your work spread out a bit. I knew how it needed to look, I wanted to see if it actually was correct. I was happy and sad at the same time. Happy with how far I got, sad that I was not even close to finishing. I wasn't even half way! 
Claire is wearing the fine lace shawl in episodes 9 and 12. This is 12.
SPECIAL THANKS to Belinda and Cor for making this videocap possible.

People started asking, when will it be done?? I was knitting as fast as I could, but now things started happening at home. I couldn't concentrate. The second deadline was February/March but I wasn't close. I "wasn't" a lot.
Doing calculations (edge + border was ~720m and the edge + border + centre was 1664m at first), I came to the conclusion it would take up to 4km!!!! WHAT? It's not that I didn't have the yarn... I didn't want to keep people waiting.

June 13. One set of Edge + Border to go.
July 8. Putting stitches on hold. Knitting is done! 1 year of knitting (a lót!)
Now, I'm scared (again). Grafting will be okay, but will my calculations be correct???
It isn't until July 17 that I have enought courage and time to graft everything. 

There it is! Unblocked: 120cm x 110cm. You can see which borders are grafted to the sides of the centre panel. A stitch has a V shape. A shape that is longer than that it's wide.
So, when you want to put a V onto a <, you'll run short very quick. That's why you need more.


First; a shot for comparison. On the bottom the picture Terry Dresbach send me via Twitter:

And by all means, I'm NO Claire. So I let my mannequin do all the work:

Pattern name: The Shetland Stars Square Shawl
Designer: (Probably a Sutherland Sister)  Shetland knitter/spinner and Kantwerk / A Passion For Lace.
Pattern contains: 15 pages.
4 pages with information, tips and instructions
8 pages with charts
3 pages with pictures.

Yarn: 4000m or 4374 y 1/16NM Jamieson & Smith Gossamer 1ply in natural white. (I advise to buy yarn on a cone, so you can knit the borders/centre in 1 piece. It's not in their shop, but you can ask for a cone when you order)Needle: 2mm / US0 circulars 40cm / 16” and 80/100cm or 32”/ 40” or use straight needles 40cm / 16”.
Size: 180 x 180cm or 6ft x 6ft blocked, it might bounce back after blocking a bit.
Also: 8 stitch markers, T-pins, blocking kit or frame, waste yarn for Life Lines, towel, suitable detergent, tapestry needle.

All rows are knit. Please read the instructions before you start knitting.

Because the pattern is already released and everyone was SO kind, I take the opportunity here (also) to THANK YOU!
The design has had a heart warming respons. The picture got 39 shares on Facebook, over 450 likes on Instagram and I even was a contender in the Hot Right now... on Ravelry (Spot 8 of the Top 20!)

I will take this shawl with me to The Shetland Wool Week. I will have a showcase in the Jamieson & Smith store in Lerwick on Tuesday Sept 27th (That's NOT me in the picture! It's Ms. Mary Kay)

I hope you will find the same pleasure in knitting this historic piece, as I have. It might take you longer, or you could be quicker. It is TOTALLY worth it.