28 januari 2022

 The Standing Stone in Lund, Unst, Shetland.

standing stone lund

I was knitting away happily on a new design, with this name, to remind me of it.
What would one want to wear on such a location.
A warm, wide, woolen shawl. At least I would.
I started designing, testing and after 4 attempts, I came to the conclusion that I was doing too much.
The place is empty.
Like, Heather, Stones, Bracken (ferns) and Sky.
That's it. 

So, scratched the previous patterns and ended up with 2 AND... an extra colour.

That was a big step for me, as I usually keep to 1 colour for lace.
Casted on again. Yes.

Pattern is okay. Now, I have a big problem with colour. At first I chose a Shetland Black and a light blue. 😍
But after 3 repeats, I know it looked lovely, is too much of a stretch, compared to what you see in this picture.

I really want to stick to Shetland Wool, but I might have to call in some help for this.

Project is on hold for now.
Son got home, having covid. No surprise, as he was is deployed by the navy to help out with testing people.
We've all had our boosters, he has no symptoms. Let's see how this goes.
We've kept it at bay for 2years.

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nice blog! i love it thanks for sharing woolen gloves