6 november 2021



i'm still here. It's been awefully quiet on my blog. Somehow, social media pushed me and many other to Instagram, Facebook or my new webshop.

I sort of forgot about the blog. That's not so kind, because usually I would post every Friday.

A lot has happened, since the anniversery and opening the new webshop.
Running an actual webshop is a lot of new learning and getting new skills. I only found out after more than 20 months, how shipping rates work. That was because, at first, I would only sell digital items. So shipping-knowledge wasn't useful.

In October I decided to sell some shawls, like Blyde.

Fine Blyde Shawl

It was a tough decision to make, but with no fairs or happenings or get togethers for me to make a sale, I might as well use my new acquired web skills to see if I could sell some Ready to Wear items.
You might be aware of the fact that I usually sell what's been knitted on commission.
Mentally, I was prepared with the fact that the shawl would leave, once it was done. But with Ready to wear, I had not planned on parting with those. 


Blyde Shawl

And, having made that decision, it was also time to let go of some yarns.   They were stored very well and are like new. It was just not likely that I would use them anytime soon.
I made kits, pattern and yarn.

I'm still working on new designs. Some bigger than others.
Recently I released the A Fine Lace Snack design. A garland of 11 different small and fine knitted flags. 

A Fine Lace Snack

Close up A Fine Lace Snack

You could knit them in gradient colours, in 1 colour, a rainbow of colours!
You can find the pattern in NL or ENG in my webshop.
This is the link to the ENG webpage: A Fine Lace Snack.

It is a nice way to learn Shetland Lace. It takes just a few gram of yarn and it is a 1 page pattern for each flag. You can pick a favorite or challenge yourself by making several of the same. Many options in colour, yarn and skill. I do recommend a smooth yarn, so the pattern you've been working so hard on, is clearly visible.

So, sorry I was away for so long. Hope to see you here again soon.

Wanna try your hand on a kit?
Hand Made is the Collection where you can find the kits and the Ready to wear Shawls.

On the bottom of each page is an option to join the Newsletter!

Have a Fine Knit!