29 april 2020

New webshop


Thank you for (still) visiting this blog.

A good while back, my webhost updated its servers. That has had a terrible side effect: my site Kantwerk.nl crashed. Sort off.
I'm not smart enough to repair it, or get to it at all.

So, I opened up a new webshop:


There are some new patterns on there. A set of 3 with Estonian Lace design.

The designs can be bought separately and as a set of 3.

The photo above is Merula, the latin word for Merel or Black Bird. Because I see the flapping of the wings, movement and motion.

Then there is Flower Princess, a nice balance of nupps and lace with a short and very sweet edge.

Last but not least:
Sweet Pea. This is not an easy one, there is much switching between knit and purl stitches in all rows, and then the nupps. You need to pay attention for this one, use stitch markers and be rewarded with a very beautiful shawl.

Then, you could treat yourself to all 3!
A Sweet Deal is also available with a little discount.

I know, a LOT of nupps. But also a lot of gorgeous knitting to wear!

I hope you will add the link to my new shop in your bookmarks and visit once in a while. Not all my designs are in the shop, yet.

Some won't be added as I don't have the rights to them (anymore). If you find a design missing, don't hesitate to ask!

The blog will be used more often in the coming time.

I can no longer supply knittingbelts. I hope to be able to have them in my shop soon. At the old site it states I have four, that ISN'T the case!

Alle patronen zijn natuurlijk altijd verkrijgbaar in het Nederlands. Ook in mijn nieuw shop!

Regarding Corona:
I hope you are safe, healthy and at home as often as you can. As a mail delivery person, I work 4 - 5 times a week. I wear gloves to protect myself and my clients.
Because i don't sell yarn or physical objects, sending patterns digitaly can continue. I hope you can find some solace in knitting them.
And add (happy) memories when you do...

Love and Have a Fine Knit...