9 januari 2022



Going through the pictures of my 4 Shetland trips to add to a new pattern. 

Mind you, it will be late summer before I'm done with it. 

I remembered the trip to Unst, where I 'found' a Standing Stone. 

Luckily, there is a Facebook group for those, later I found another in Nesting, high up a hill. 


On Unst, with the Outlander series in mind, I had no jewellery with me to test it. Hahahaha. 


A bit further away is a derelict croft with walled animal enclosures. And the St. Olaf Kirk.

It was a great walk, such rugged surroundings and knowing Vikings have actually been there. 

I posted a photo of the cheviot sheep in the portal, back then... 

All in all a memorable experience and certainly one I recommend. 

Take the ferry to Yell, drive up to the next ferry and sail to Unst. 

There is but 1 road and after 3 or 4 miles, take a left, twice. 

Can't miss it. 

I'm wearing my #Hap and my own design for a sweater, using wool from the #faroeislands

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