21 mei 2013

Mile stone...

A little over 2 years ago we got some very scary news; Chris was ill. Very ill.
if you've missed it, you can read all about it here)

At the end of that summer the medication had done it's job and Chris got 'better' pretty quick.

Life picked itself up, back to work, school and sports. Eventhough we had to go to the hospital every 3 months for check ups, and it was emotionally very hard to go back there, we always got good news and could go home..
(knowing there are lots of sick children that are not able to go home...)
And now...

He turned 18!!! A big (reasonably) healthy young man!
He is quite busy at school, going to his school every day in preparation of becoming a soldier! One week out of the month they all go to a real unit to train and practise. Sleeping outdoors; fall, winter, spring and summer!
This picture is taken last month, when they had show and tell at the 'daily' school location. They showed us what they've learned so far. When he's graduating from this school he'll get a "10-week" discount on his next training when he joins the real army!
His favorite hobby??
Riding the 'wheels' he got from the Make-a-Wish-Foundation.

For his 18th birthday he got a matching tattoo (his dad had his done a couple of years ago)
It is a reminder of his granddad... Chris' leg is the one on the right, his father had his tattoo refreshed.
We still have to go to the hospital every 3 months, they moniter him very well. Still 3 years to go, the shadow will be over all of our heads for the rest of our lives.

So far so good!!!

The cake is done by Zoet. I don't do cakes very well, best to leave that to the experts.

6 mei 2013

Eeuwige Liefde .....\./.... Eternal Love

Soms is het zoiets kleins in je hoofd. Een idee. Dat er om schrééuwt om uitgevoerd te worden.. Uitstellen heeft geen zin, het moet. Ook al heb je eigenlijk geen tijd..
Het was tijd voor een zusje van Love on the Edge; klein, schattig, en delicaat..

 Sometimes it's something very small inside your head. An idea. One that is screaming to get out. Delay is of no use, it múst be knit. Eventhough there is no time to do it.
It was about time to make this little sister of Love on the Edge; cute, small and delicate.
 Ingrediënten: Hartjes (natúúrlijk), fijne kantpatronen en de goede kleuren, extra dun garen en heel veel liefde...
 Ingredients: Hearts (ofcourse), fine lace patterns, the right colours, extra fine lace yarn and lots of love...
Dit kleine shawltje maakt gebruik van de eigenschappen van Shetland Kant dus je hoeft zelfs nog minder te breien dan je denkt. Bovendien neemt het van elke kleur maar héél weinig garen, dus als je nog wat hebt liggen wat over is van een andere shawl...

This little Shawlette makes perfect use of the characteristics of Shetland lace, that means you don't even have to knit 'all that you see..'. Besides, it takes only a few yards of each colour so if you have any leftovers from other lace shawls...

Pattern: The 12th of Never... (a song first sung by Johnny Mathis; a declaration of eternal love...)
Designer: MoniqueB.
Yarn: ColourMart 3/48NM Extra Fine Merino in Beechnut (brown) and Blue Diamond (blue) ~190y or 175m of each colour
Needles: US 2,5 or 3mm
Size: 112x58cm or 44"x23"
Pattern PDF available in ENG and NL