1 september 2018

Presenting: Fine Shetland Lace... Magazine!

 Fall 2018 issue 1

September 1st is the release date of the Fine Shetland Lace Magazine.
You can find it online here (you don't need to have Dropbox, just click on the link to continue)


The Knitter                        Page 3

Shetland Wool Week      Page 6
Information and Links
The Swatch                       Page 7

Screaming Silence...        Page 9
A little story on Unst

The Yarn                             Page 11
Jamieson & Smith
The Designer                      Page 14
This year’s Shetland Wool Week patron:
Elizabeth Johnston
The Pattern                        Page 18
The Second One
The Lace...                           Page 19
A bit of information
A word                                 Page 20

This is my gift to the Facebook group: Fine Shetland Lace and Shetland Stars Shawl.
Also for anyone interested in Fine Shetland Lace.
In this issue, there is a lot of 'me'. But, the next issue will be more diverse!

Idea and Publisher,  Editor, Art Direction, Layout, Photography unless otherwise mentioned: Monique Boonstra.
Cover image: The Second One
©2018 by MoniqueB.  Image on this page: Shetland Bound ©2012 by MoniqueB.
This is a free of ads publication.
You’re NOT  allowed to copy this magazine for distribution, handouts, free gifting or ANY commercial purposes.
Every part of this magazine is subject to copyright by those mentioned in this magazine and cannot be used without permission.
For possible contributions,  questions and remarks, please mail to 

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pat zei

Lovely! Thanks for making it available.

XP metaaldetector zei

Still love it!