14 november 2014

Let's walk.

Let's face it. Shetland is more than just WoolWeek. How much I thoroughly enjoy the talks and workshops about wool, techniques and spinning, knitting etc., I was struck by the beauty of this islands the second I set foot on it, 2 years ago.

First look: Sumburg 

Because I deliver mail 4 times a week, I tend to walk a lot. I do that without any resentment and found there are amazing walks on these islands. Both times, 2012 and 2014, I went to Burra: 

And it was sunny weather and a great walk.
In 2012 there was Hermaness at our feet. Not this time, we spent time at Norwick (Unst).
A short walk on a long beach. I stood on a rock but the waves were quick and I got my feet wet. 

The day before I had chosen to talk a walk on the 'red' island. I had looked on my little map to find a place I hadn't been before. And somewhere I could walk and be back in time for the next workshop.
Muckle Roe. Just take a left at Brae and you'll have to hold on to your seat! 

It doesn't 'look' special but it sure was. Wikipedia told me there was a small bridge (there was) and that the island has red rocks. It does. 
 I didn't see that anywhere before. It was a bit more rugged than other parts I've walked. After I had reached the end of the road, parked the car and started walking into the fields, I noticed a sign.
 Hé, I can walk 2km and back ánd be back in time for a workshop in Lerwick.

 Little foot holds to make sure the sheep don't escape.. hahaha. No path. So, decided to walk up to the beach.
 This was amazing! Not a soul in sight. Just cute little bunnies. Nature can be cruel, though. I saw their little white tails hopping. Had I been a hunter, I could have shot them. Luckily for them, I'm not.
Now... Where is the 'path' to the lighthouse? 

 Found a path, and kept on walking. Enjoying the view. It was so quiet. Just as quiet as I had experienced on Sandness 2 years ago..

 This just looks like a nice picture but the beach is a lóng way down...

On the blog by Jan, I had noticed a pile of rocks. I had found 'my own'!! Searched for a nice stone to add to this 'memorial'. And one more hill to climb. Had to use the 'riverbed' for lack of other ways to get up the hill. 

The views kept getting better. Although I did start wondering when the darn lighthouse was going to appear.
And finally... There it was. You see that little white boxy thingy? That's it. I think the expression on my face says it all. The walk was great, but I had expected a bit more... well... like this.

Muckle Flugga...  (Picture by Andy Strangeway).

One can dream, right??
Because I didn't get to it in 2012, I thought that maybe, perhaps, somehow, with a similar name, came a similar lighthouse. Nope. Oh well.
It was a great time spent on my birthday. I did manage to phone my husband, even at that remote location. And got back in time for the workshop.
Back to my little red car and to Lerwick. Dreaming of maybe another trip to another lighthouse...

2 opmerkingen:

Jeannette zei

Ge-wel-dig Monique! :)) ... : de fantastische plek (hemel op aarde..), de uitdrukking op je gezicht (terwijl de lighthouse toch best indrukwekkend genoemd mag worden :) ), je little red car, èn je verhaal!

Wilma zei

Wat een mooie omgeving!!!! Ik ben best wel een beetje jaloers. Nog een spaarpot erbij bij mijn verzameling, wil hier ook heel graag eens rondkijken.
groetjes Wilma