14 april 2007


Zo, het is net niet helemaal geworden zoals ik heb gehoopt, maar het lijkt geweldig. De achterkant is wel anders, aan de voorkant zie je het patroonverschil onder de zwarte draad niet zo goed. Het moet doorgaan voor een placemat.
It's not quite what I'd hope it would be, but it's great so far. The flipside is different because of the pattern, but on the front below the black yarn you don't see it.
It should pass as a placemat/coaster.

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Tallguy zei

Oh, that loom brings back memories! When I first started weaving, I couldn't afford much, so built my own frame loom (much the same as yours). I used string heddles, and some cheap acrylic yarn (I didn't know better). That yarn stretches! So my weaving was full of tension problems -- but I struggled on, and finished it. I now have several large looms, and took up spinning and knitting. You never know where it will end up.

You have already noticed that weaving will want to "draw in", especially with twill weaves. (continued)

Tallguy zei

There's a limit to the amount of space I can use here??

Your weaving is very nice and even, with good tension at the edges as well. All good signs. Now you have to look at the draw-in. With twill weaves, we tend to have the sett closer (it will do it by itself), and is hard to do with tabby weave evenly. Measure constantly! Be sure that you allow enough slack in your weft shots for the draw-in. I can see you will be an excellent weaver!!

MoniqueB. zei

Thank you, Tall Guy.

This is my second weave, apart from the things I used to make when I was younger (10 then, now 37). I started to notice that it became tighter than at the beginning. I used a fork to push the yarn close to the weave, because the yarn was to thick to pull through the official 'rack'?
I constantly pulled on the thread to make it evenly distributed, but next time I have to give more.
greetings Monique.