18 december 2012


Just a few weeks after I came back from Shetland, the month of Wovember started.

Accompanied by a very educational website and posts it's a great way to learn a lot more about WOOL, sheep, and using it to make wonderful things.

I dared to enter a blogpost I wrote and it got published on their site. I had to edit it so that it had less words, but the heart is still in it.

You can read it (again) here; LINK

In the meantime I've knitted the Sixareen Kep, designed by Kate Davies. My daughter is wearing it all the time!

Here, the kep was still in progress.
The green part is the inside that needs to be flapped back for a soft inside. All yarn is Heritage Yarn by Jamieson & Smith (the green is PoshYarn).
My next project was a hairband by Kate, and it was intended for myself. But I ended up giving it to my mother too, I'm not the headband type.. It's still pretty..
This has a combo of Jamieson's of Shetland (red/sunrise and brown/grouse), heritage yarn (cream) and white natural and grey by J&S
The inside is also green PoshYarn

I'm VERY glad I was on Shetland, especially during WoolWeek! I've learned so much, seen pretty things, an amazing island, great people and to be honest I think about it every day.

There is still a lot to learn and do. So.. I will talk about it more, probably not that much about Fair Isle, but surely about lace. I cannot stop, sorry....

The calender is already hanging on the wall! Very happy with that too...

3 opmerkingen:

SusieQ100 zei

I love the pattern on the kep! And the colours are so good together.

Have a very Happy Christmas, and I expect we'll "speak" to each other soon!

lheurebleue zei

wat leuk dat je mooie reisverslag op die site gepubliceerd is. en wat een mooie foto's heb je toch gemaakt!
leuke muts!

Jeannette zei

Je bijdrage aan Wovember was me helemaal ontgaan....! Wat is het een ontzettend leuke, èchte Monique-post geworden!