25 oktober 2012

Monique on Shetland...

 Luminous Lights at the Böd of Gremista.
 One of the many bays on Shetland
 At Burra
 At the museum admiring the fine knitted lace knit by the lady I'm talking too at the Museum in Lerwick.
 Talking about my lace, I'm showing the Across the Beach at Jamieson & Smith Trunk Show by Kate Davies.
 At Charlotte's in the heart of Lerwick, quite sunny.
At the top of a moor at Hermaness, Unst. Furthest north I've ever been. 
 This cute little car made it possible to go anywhere (Bolt's Carhire).

 Showing my Across the beach shawl to Kate Davies and Cathy.
Talking with Garry at Jamieson's of Shetland, Sandness. Learned a lot!
With Amy holding up my lace shawl The One, so they could see how it looked overall. (Voe)

This is my most loved picture. For the very first time, I'm smiling on a boat! The pills for travel-sickness did their work perfectly. Finally I was able to travel like a normal person. This was the boat from the Mainland to Yell.

Thanks to Amy for allowing me to use her pictures.

WARNING: these will probably be the last pictures you see of me, I'm usually vèry camera shy..

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Herma zei

Wat prachtig!!!

FiberRachel zei

Zooo mooi....ik wil ook !!

lheurebleue zei

mooie foto's. daar hoor jij natuurlijk helemaal thuis. zou er zelf heel graag eens heen gaan!

Anoniem zei

Mooi, mooi, mooi!