29 oktober 2012

Finally some rocks...

 Friday I had the car to myself. I could have been making pictures of my shetland shawls ON shetland, but this was my chance to see the part of the islands we hadn't any plans on going to. With Hermaness still in the back of my mind, (Thursday) we didn't make it 'to' Muckle Flugga...*
 I thought I'd go and see what's up in Eshaness.
Near the otter crossing. Didn't see any otters. They usually pass at dusk or dawn.
On the way to Eshaness. Just off the road, a dirt road, sand, shore and ocean. Right at your feet. 
On every sign you see, the (old) Norse and English name of the town is mentioned.

Ronas Hill. The tallest hill of Shetland, standing more than 450 feet above sealevel. Shrouded in clouds the whole time I saw it. Couldn't come close to it. No road to the top (on my map, anyway).

On my way up the lighthouse of Eshaness, just passing Hillswick, you see on your lefthand the 'Feeding Seahorse'. It's a rock, battered by the ocean waves and it looks like a seahorse.
The reason the picture is not neatly horizontal is that it is quite difficult to make a descent picture with the wind blowing the camera almost out of your hands. 

According to the information on location: this lighthouse is 12 meters tall. And stands 61 meters above sea level. Reaches 25 miles out to sea with her light and was built in 1929. It is squared, because round lighthouses required specially made furniture. It was automated in the '70s. 
I'll ease you in to the pictures of the ocean. Remember, the wind blew out of land. A shame, the waves were very pretty, but not as fierce as I had hoped. I did had 2 coats on...

Well worth the trip, don't you think?

I did drive up to North Roë after this. But I didn't get to see the ocean there, like in Eshaness. I had to get out of the car, and hike for 4 miles (or more). And back... 
I wanted to see other places too. I made it up to Isbister and then turned around. Hills were very high there and the Methodist church was separated from the water only by the road... 

 I took the road back, from North Roe to Brae, up to Voe. There I had a toastie in the restaurant. Some very cute 'boys' walked in, dressed in kilts and flowers in their coat. The three of them were probably the escort of the groom-to-be. No bride in sight....
I got back to my car and decided to continue up to Aith. My friend had stayed there, and it was a really lóvely trip. One road only, up and down and very curvy.
It was also very quiet there. And suddenly a lot of birds. Small birds.
Then I was already almost back in Scalloway again. But.. I knew it would be Knitting Café in the Theater in Lerwick. I texted Amy I would be found there, when she got back from her Drumcarding Class.
A relaxed ending to a wonderfull day... 

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jennifer zei

Thank you for sharing your Shetland experiences. One day I hope to make it there.

Overstap zei

Eshaness...my favourite place to go..XX

Herma zei

Oooo wat weer een zalig begin van de dag voor mij!!! Net of ik er ook sta, bij de afgronden, langs het 'blow hole' .
Aith, die foto en dan het weggetje links de berg op, paralel aan het meer, daar zaten we in een erg leuk huis. Ramen aan alle kanten, 360 graden uitzicht.
Lief dat je er langs gegaan bent!!

x x x

lheurebleue zei

een goede keuze om even rond te zwerven in dit machtige landschap waar je je als mens wel heel nietig voelt. prachtige foto's!

Mariella zei

Nou, als je je foto's zie, weet ik dat deze trip erg hoog aan mijn verlanglijstje staat... super hoor, wat een ervaring! Heerlijk om zo even van mee te mogen genieten :-)!

Jeannette zei

Wat een prachtige foto's Monique!, van een indrukwekkend mooi gebied..... (een schitterende ervaring er bij in je hoofd en hart.. X! )

Anoniem zei

Wauw, wederom een prachtig verslag van je reis. Mooi omschreven Monique, en ook je foto's zijn schitterend!